Charity of understanding


People often think that charity is something where you need to sign a cheque or deliver food at doorstep or sometimes, gift your worn out clothes to people who don’t have anything to wear.

Truth is, most of us struggle to make ends meet; we don’t know how we will pay the bills, earn enough to create a cushion to fall back upon, and how to sponsor education for our children.

Yes, we first think about ourselves and then about others. Because a hungry belly cannot feed another unfed stomach.

In that case, how would we manage to even think of charity?

Simply by understanding.

Understand that people are not cruel by choice. There is a deep need inside. Understand that a thief is a thief because his society doesn’t support him to feed his family. Understand that a beggar is not always an imposter. Understand that when someone is weird to you, it’s because he is always criticized for not being like others.

Charity is understanding first, serving next. If we can’t serve, at least we can take the pain to understand the pain of others.

Start your charity today by understanding first. And instead of making sounds like – Ah, Uff for others, feel their pain inside quietly.

Remember, not signing a cheque isn’t a crime, because most of us don’t have that much resources. But being indifferent to the pain of others and acting as if you understand by writing statuses on social media is the basest crime of all.