Published works


focus – a simple manifesto to get things done

Do One Thing Well 

One Tasking – a method to reduce stress & get more things done

One Minute Mastery


General – Self-Help/ Self-Improvement

Mini-achievements: Start small, spark fire & lead an exciting life

Stop the ‘overwhelm’ and do the work

17 Keys to Happiness

Un-following – A manifesto to stop following the crowd & live life on your terms

Take a break, step back and ask the right questions



Poetry Collection

Oneness – A collection of poetry

Mindfully – 81 Haiku to be fully present in the NOW

Quiet: A collection of poems

Secrets Behind Words

Deep Blue Sky: 40 Haikus

Few Scribbles on Self-Help: 40 Haikus



Liberation – How to tame negative thoughts

A Day in Silence

Be Still and Let Thoughts Move: Meditations & Insights for Inner Peace


Essay Collection

Remembrance – Daily reminders for living from your heart

Nothing to say 

If you want to do a review of any of my books, you can shoot me an email at . I will send you a free .pdf version of that book. Thank you so much for your time!

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