The story of a successful nobody


Easy? Right?


Doing work that doesn’t matter is easy.

Expressing your mediocre self when you have a vast opportunity to extract the best is easy.

Creating stuff that public eats than creating stuff that makes something of the public is easy.

What’s not is to do something that cures your mind from believing that you don’t matter.

Create something that you are proud of. Go to people and say – here it is, I made it. Don’t worry about the reaction. Use the feedback and shape your creation. Go again and say – here it is. Repeat. And realize. Again repeat. Until you breathe no more or create your absolute best (whichever happens first).

What’s important is to keep on trying in spite of everything. What’s not is rejection, failure and heart-break.

If you can breathe, you can make something of yourself . Don’t live your life as if you want to remain a successful nobody.

End your old story.

This ends the story.

Go. Take one little step right now. Be a (un)successful somebody.



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