Work is all!


Do not take it lightly.

I am not among those who think that you would magically be transformed just by sitting idle and saying nothing for the rest of your life. Call me ignorant or call me less-informed, but here’s what I think – If you work well, you don’t need anything else to transform you emotionally, personally, professionally and spiritually. Work is your measuring grid.

Each time, I write a post, publish a book or deliver an article for my client, I think how this single thing would impact my thinking, my philosophy, my life. And then I do it backwards.

People call me serious-jerk. But that’s okay. I treat my work as everything depends upon it because it does.

Give this thought a minute to ponder.

Do you think your work has the power to transform you?


2 thoughts on “Work is all!

    1. What I try to convey here is we need to consciously choose to live, not just to exist. And we can do that via our work. I appreciate your thoughts. Yes serious-jerk I am (quips) πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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