In the praise of a quiet life


What if you don’t become anything at all?

What if you don’t write the next book or don’t do your chores?

What if you don’t strive toward becoming someone special in the mind of the crowd?

What if you just sit back and watch the sky for a day, doing nothing?

Will you be happier or drown into despair because you haven’t accomplished anything at all?

What if you just love the quiet moments and lay back on your sofa and take a nap! What if you notice the flowers in your garden and how beautifully they’ve blossomed! What if you just walk barefoot on your terrace and soak up the sun into your feet! What if you don’t feel any urgency to achieve anything! What if you don’t strive toward making the next sales call or build the next product or write the next book!

It’s time that you embrace these what ifs.

If you become quiet, even for a day, doing nothing, you will understand the true meaning of life.

4 thoughts on “In the praise of a quiet life

  1. To me, getting out into the countryside or a forest and just taking a slow walk while enjoying the scenery is perfect for me. And alone. I can lose myself in thought and do things like photography or find a place to sit and read a book. Reminds me of my childhood.

    I just moved to Canada from Japan, and the pace of life is so different.

    1. I strongly believe that there is an inner pace inside us which doesn’t want to hustle irrespective of the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate your thoughts 🙂

      1. I agree. And sometimes, when others want to go at a faster pace than I want, I feel tired. I like taking my time doing things so they’re done correctly. When others pressure me to do things much faster, I find I may make mistakes.

      2. Yes, you should be free to do things at your own pace. That’s how we live in the moment and can get engrossed in the beauty of life. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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