Who said? (Fire-crackers inside, handle with care)


There are series of things that will never change.

The economy will inflate and deflate in its own accord. And sometimes crash.

People who do work under someone else will go to office every day while asking themselves – “Is that it? Can’t I start something on my own?” They will sleep over these questions and again the next day, will go to office to build someone else’s dreams.

Most of the population will start and finish their day complaining about how bad their life is and will never take single action toward bettering it in between.

People who have empty pocket will never understand why people who have abundance have the same twenty four hours.

Each and every day people will sacrifice their dreams to just get by, to pay their bills and to die even before their bodies are burnt or put into grave.

Every day people will feel stupid to create art and stop themselves from actually creating to avoid stupidity.

Every day, people will choose to become crowd.

But who said you need to be like them?



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