What you are Vs. What you want to be? (a real story)


It’s a story, a real one. If this story sounds like bragging, forgive me. But I write to teach (learn) self reliance and I want to inspire you to be more than you think you can be.

I was in 10th standard. My pre-test result had come out. I did so so in all the subjects except one. I almost failed in Physical Science which is another name of Physics. I got 24 out of 100.

I sat on the corner of my class. My eyes were misty. The tiffin break got over. I didn’t realize, our teacher of Physical Science came into the class. He called all of our names to see whether we were present or not. I was present. I said – “Present sir!”

He leaned forward and asked – “Are you the one who failed in Physical Science?”

I protested – “No sir, I passed. I got more than 20 marks.”

The class was at its full volume by then. Everyone was giggling and I was the only one who was standing still by putting my chin down.

Days passed.

We appeared for the test for our final exam. Test was an exam which was being taken just 2-3 months prior to our final exam (10th standard).

I sat for test and felt good that this time I did better in Physical Science. But when my result came out, I saw that I only scored 41.

This time my private tutor said – “This guy won’t do good in science, I won’t teach him.”

My dad requested him, but he didn’t want to listen.

I didn’t say anything, I just looked at my private teacher and remained silent.

Finally my private tutor agreed to show me the issues I faced in science subjects and nothing else.

Days passed.

I started studying.

Finally, the day came and we appeared for our final exam. I was nervous. But somehow, I did give the exam.

After 2.5 months, result came out. I saw the score of my Physical Science paper, my score was 87 out of 100. I went straight to my class teacher and showed him the result. He asked me – “Are you sure that it’s your result?” I said – “Sir, see my name on the top of it.” His jaws dropped and he just uttered – “Good.”

I came back home and showed the result to my private tutor. I said – “Sir, I got highest marks in all three science subjects.” He smiled and remained silent.

It’s an ordinary story of an ordinary boy. But you may wonder what happened in between? How did I get 87 out of 100, when I just scored 41 in my test?

I slept for 4 hours every day for entire 3 months and the rest of time, I studied. Only me! I took the book out and read everything I could read. I pulled out all the question papers and solved all I could. I did everything that was humanly possible and it happened. I succeeded.

Why did I do it? Why did I work hard? Why did I miss my sleep every night?

Did I want to prove to my class teacher? May be yes. Did I want to show to my private tutor? Yes, may be. But moreover, I didn’t want to feel worthless anymore. I didn’t want my classmates to giggle because I failed. I didn’t want to see myself accepting defeat.

And then it happened. I didn’t get defeated. I won. I won the battle between what I was and what I wanted to be.


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