Say – “I will!”

You, I and all of us say most of the time – “I can!”

But that’s redundancy.  We don’t need to say that we can.

As human beings, if we have an average mind and if we can read, write and understand, saying “I can” is a waste of time.

You need to tweak your mind and start practicing more of saying – “I will.”

Truth is – Every body can. Question always is – “Will you?”

Take for example, you want to learn a musical instrument or a foreign language or want to write a book.

Now, if you’re like majority, you will ask yourself – “Can I?”

But I urge you to change this statement and ask – “Will I?”

Can you see the difference between these two statements? When you’re asking Can I, you are doubting yourself, doubting your ability to be able to do it.

But when you’re saying Will I, then it’s a matter of choice.

We can do almost all of the things in the world if we put our mind onto them. Question is not thus – “Can I?”, but it would be – “Will I?”

Will you practice saying more of this now on? (or can you? 😉 )


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