When they tell you who you are, do not believe them!

Why is it that whenever someone says something about you becomes more important than who you think you are?

Why is it that you always demean your thoughts as less important than of those who don’t even know you at all?

Why is it that you give more value to the opinion of others (even near and dear ones) than what you have of yourself?

The reason is simple.

You don’t trust yourself enough. You don’t value yourself enough. You don’t spend time with yourself enough.

Whenever anyone says anything nasty or demeaning about you, be curious, instead of being upset.

Ask yourself – “What s/he is telling me is truth or it is what s/he believes in about me?”

In majority of cases, it’s their belief about you. You have nothing to do with it.

So, stop listening to others when it’s about you. Pay heed to your own heart. Listen to your own judgments about you.

Think about it. Do they have any right to comment on who you are?  Do they walk your path? Do they know what you have gone through even to get up from bed and show up for work? They don’t. They’re looking at a minuscule portion of you and judging you to be something.

You are much more than what pairs of naked eyes can perceive in an instant!

I dare you.

When people tell you who you are, do not believe them. You are the only one who has the right to tell you who you are!


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