Do you know why do you write/create?


If not, take out some time and sit with yourself in solitude.

No. It’s not to increase business revenue.

It’s not also to increase fan following.

It’s not to prove a point to few snobs as well.

It’s for a deep desire in your soul. I don’t know why do you write or create! But I know why I write?

It’s not easy to come back every day to the blank page and write things that matter to only one person in the world. It’s not easy, true! But at the end of the day, it’s worth it.

And I come back to writing every day for this reason. I write to teach something. I write to help you stand on your own feet and say ‘I’ so very well so that you can express your own unique self into the world without any inhibitions.

Did you guess it? If you didn’t, here’s why I write –

I write to teach self reliance.

I can’t see people suffer in agony of an unfulfilled life. I, myself fight that urge every day to be anything less than who I am. And I want you to fight too. I want you to be the best of who you are, not what society asks you to be. I want you to tell yourself again and again that you’re meant for being great, being your own hero and being something that you can sleep with peacefully at the end of the day.

The world doesn’t give a damn to who you be and how do you express yourself. The job is yours. To pick yourself up every day and do this thing. To create something awesome. It may not look like awesome to someone else, but that’s okay.

Till the time you know why you write, why you create, why you get up early in the morning to get engrossed in a classic book, you’re okay.

You don’t need to be anybody but who you are, every day.

And that’s how you will be remembered by, your self!



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