Failure is a label we give ourselves when we don’t want to keep on doing a thing or we don’t see any possibility of success doing the thing we started at the first place.

But what if failure doesn’t exist at all? How will we look at life then? Will life be more enchanting without failure?

Let’s investigate.

Suppose there is no failure.

Is it even possible?

Yes. It’s possible when you have no outcome in mind.

For example, you want to create a product to earn a million dollar.

In the above example, there are 4 components.

1. You want to create something useful.

2. That useful thing is a product which may or may not help a lot of people.

3. You want to sell that product in the marketplace.

4. You want to earn million dollars.

Out of these 4 components, you have direct control over no. 1 and no. 3. No. 2 and no. 4 are out of your control. But the strange thing is that even when you create a useful product and try to sell in the market, you will call yourself a failure if you don’t earn million dollars! No?

Yes, because all you want is to earn million dollars and when you don’t do it, you call yourself a failure.

Bottomline: If you have an outcome in mind, failure is attached to it.

So what we should do instead? I encourage you to live an outcome-free life.

Here’s how.

1. You create an useful product

2. Put your effort to sell it

3. Don’t worry about million dollars; rather stay away from outcome-driven life.

Now the question that will obviously come is why do that?

Here’s why.

When we set an outcome, all we think about is outcome. Our entire being gets engrossed in how to make that outcome a reality. Thus whatever we create suffers from our half here and half there effort. And we end up creating a not-so-useful product. And naturally it doesn’t sell well and we don’t earn a million dollars as a result.

Paradox: Less you think about an outcome, more would be your chances to achieve it.

Where failure stands now? No-where. If you decide to let go of the outcome, there’s no failure.

Bonus: You can create great things – a piece of writing, product, services, life, humans.

Final outcome: Let go of outcome completely ; you will never experience failure without having to achieve an outcome.

Go. Design an outcome-free life!


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