How to recognize your path?

I have tried a lot many things in my life. I failed at most of them. Better to say I never tried them after a certain point.

There are few among those that I didn’t give up on. Again, better to say they seem not to give up on me till date.

For example, take writing. I never seem to lose interest in it. I have listened to and galloped over a lot of criticisms. I even tried to leave away writing for so many times, but it doesn’t stop loving me.

There are more on my list and I have had same experience in few of them.

But how would you know what you need to pursue with fierce determination (or get pursued) or what to leave away on the table?

I’m no expert on life. And like all of you I have been an avid student. Although I figured out that you need to pursue a path which is most steep, most difficult and most scary.

How would you know?

– If people don’t seem to care about it.

– If you go through a lot of criticism, sarcasm, squint eye-brow raises and carelessness of people.

– If your near and dear ones don’t understand why you are so excited about this thing.

– If it makes you laugh and cry because you feel something else when you do it.

– If you move backward more often than going forward.

– If you don’t seem to figure out how you will make it tick.

– If you fail at it like no other things ever.

– If you suck at it when you start.

– If you can’t seem to forget it even if you get busy in daily humdrum.

Do these statements seem familiar? Do you feel them too? Do they ring a bell?

My only advice to you is even if you feel all of the above, don’t give up on it yet. Keep on pursuing it with all your heart.

Why do that? Is it because you want to get approved by people? No. Is it for getting recognition? No. Is it to prove a point? No.

You need to pursue it because it’s your path. And the path will become a dead-end if you stop walking.


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