The answer to angry, irritated, injured humans

There was an advertisement I saw on TV, the other day.

A husband was mildly injured and wife, instead of healing his pain, was hitting his place of injury with sling-shot.

It was a funny ad of how one antiseptic lotion was ineffective so the ad-makers could sell their antiseptic which was easy on injury.

Made me think about how we do the same with people having injury in their heart.

How do we talk to the person when one is bitter or irritated while talking?

Usually, our response is exactly the way the angry individual behaves.

But should it be?

Let’s step aside from our life a bit and let’s try to understand his behavior.

He is angry, irritated. He is not able to handle himself.

Maybe his mother is ill. Or, just maybe he wanted to feel loved every day, but he didn’t get any. Maybe he worked hard for a promotion but someone else in his office got the promotion, he didn’t.

There can be thousands of reasons for which he is suffering. His pain is overflowing. And thus he is injured. He is angry.

Our job as human beings is not to throw sling-shot at his injury. Instead, we can be softer on him. We can use healing bum called love and can return behavior which heals him.

The answer to anger can’t be anger or hate. Rather the answer to everything is love.

Can we return love to all those irritated, injured, angry, anxious and grumpy people when they behave badly with us just for today?


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