I was shitty, but I did not stop


Back then when I started out as a writer 7 years ago I was not good. I sent proposal after proposal to get a chance to write a blog post for some established blogs and I used to hear things like –

“Work on your grammar. You’re not good.”

“We want a writer who can actually write!”

“We don’t take any unsolicited writers.”

To tell you the truth I was shitty. I didn’t know how to write a sentence in a simple manner.

And now as I look at myself, I know I have proved a point. No. I am not bragging. I am accepting that I did become a writer. Now I write for living. I write articles, essays, blog posts, copy, books and many things.

Each day as I open the word document to type my next article or book or an essay, I remember their faces who told me I was no good.

I am good now. May not be good enough or may not be mind-blowing but I write to pay my bills.

And I write to write better.

Only thing that I didn’t do was I didn’t stop. I felt like shit. I felt like that I would never amount to become a writer.

But I did become a writer. What I didn’t do was I didn’t stop.

If you are starting out or got some writing done and feel discouraged about certain comments thrown at you, here what you shouldn’t do – don’t stop writing.

I didn’t.

So not you!


(Image source: www.caracteres.mx)


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