Why criticisms don’t bother me anymore?

There are exactly 3 reasons.

Yes, there was a time when I used to listen to someone speak badly about me and get saddened. That sadness used to last for few weeks. Now, after understanding these reasons I am more compassionate than being sad or angry.

Before talking about these 3 reasons, I want to tell you why people criticize you.

Why of criticism

People who suffer criticize. They don’t know that criticism is their way to vent out anger, mishap, tragedy, emptiness and sadness.

So, when you do something (good or bad), they don’t think much about whether they like or not, but they simply go out and talk bad.

Most of the people who criticize don’t even check your writing, product, services, art, photography fully before commenting or criticizing. They see a part of you and they get started.

Yes, there are people who go deep, understand your work and then talk about one or two things. That helps you to improve your work. But people who criticize just for the sake of it (because they suffer) help you become more compassionate.


If you’re struggling with criticism, here are basic reasons why criticism shouldn’t bother you at all, rather helps you become better human beings.

  1. Criticism is just a way to see. It has nothing to do with who you are. So whenever anyone criticizes you, don’t take as an attack to who you are. Most of the time it’s not about you; rather it’s about the critic.
  2. Expect bad things to happen to you. It’s life and it will always not offer you good experiences. If you expect things to go wrong, you will be much less prone to get affected.
  3. Be compassionate to the people who criticize you. Yes, it’s difficult. When people criticize you, they don’t think how much time, effort, money you’ve put into your work. But at the same time, when you react to their criticism, you don’t think how much they’ve suffered, how much they’ve been abused, how much they’ve been criticized.

Don’t just read these reasons, ponder and see if you can think in these terms. If you understand and live these reasons, rarely criticisms will affect you.

Now, why I’m writing this?

Because if criticisms keep on affecting you, you will stop producing work and become a critic yourself. And you know – no critic ever changed the world.


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