Choose yourself, always!


The recent position that you applied for didn’t work out and the manager has rejected you on your face saying you are not suitable enough. Your girl friend told you – Why don’t you be something else other than who you are right now, right here? Your friend told you not to come to the party because it is a private one.

You take on these shits and say – Why these things happen to me? I’ll give you the reason. Paste it on your face or make a tattoo. Because this is the truth. Here it is.

Those shits happened to you because you didn’t choose yourself. You chose others over you, before you, saying here I am, screw me!

And do you think it’s earth shattering that these things happened to you?!

What the heck?

You handed over a knife to them and hoped they shouldn’t cut your vanity. Of course, they would, as per life and its works.

Here’s a better option.

Don’t say now that I am leaving you in a mess. I ‘m not. Here’s what you must do. Always. No matter what. Tiny and big, in any circumstances.

Choose yourself. Before anyone. Over all others. Choose your work. Choose your time. Choose your favorite past time. Care, you will reach far, far enough. Care enough, you will reach near, very near to every suffering heart! Choose how you would feel as a result of anything! Choose your favorite book, job, love, daily routine, even what should you eat for lunch!

And whenever you make that choice, you won’t feel so bad. Because even if those things may keep happening to you, those things will not appear to you as shits. Because you know, no matter whoever seems to think they’re putting you in a lower rung, you are still golden, the beautiful you, the amazing piece of life.


Let me repeat!

Because, you chose yourself!


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