Inner properties

What properties are we most concerned with?

If you ask a lay man he would answer what’s most common – house, money, investments, equity options and many more tangibles like that. It would never occur to him that he is missing out a major part, rather the main ingredient which he is made of and which is always his own, always were and always will be.

Forgetting this property which is inherently his birth right is an incremental squandering of his own soul, his own thoughts in daily events, tiny and big. He has been ignoring that property for so long that now he perceives the whole world without that, even without realizing it.

But truth is the properties which he thinks of his own and feels confident because of having them are too ephemeral. These properties are like winds; they will come and go at the whims of the world he lives in. But still he wants to grab them, grip them, likes to make them his own. More he tries, more he eludes himself. And the world around looks at him with mercy and bursts into laughter.

It’s not too late my fellow beings. You still own what always was yours and you will own it no matter how many times you forget to even notice it.

Your inner property which is you, the life you carry around to own and acquire all that seem golden, own it, be it, call it your own, immerse yourself into it and live it.

Nothing in this world is more important than that!



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