My personal philosophy

Finally after a long period of pondering, I am finally ready to put forth my personal philosophy, you can call them rules to live by. These are completely my own personal philosophy based on my individual thoughts, reflection and rumination. These have nothing to do with any individual or religion whatsoever.

And to add to that, if you find these rules stimulating, consider having your own philosophies and write them down somewhere in a comprehensive manner. It doesn’t need to be public; you can do it privately and secretly live by them.

Here are my personal philosophies.

Principle No. 1 

If people want me, they will come to me. I won’t go to them.

[I took this from Ayn Rand’s philosophy “Objectivism” which talks about rational self interest. I find it so appealing that I included it in my list of principles. It may not go with you as a person, but it’s suited with me and my personality.]

Principle No. 2

I won’t think of/worry about controlling anything that cannot be controlled.

[I took this from the philosophy of stoic. They only think about what they can take charge of and change. I am also influenced by my favorite prayer – “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”]

Principle No. 3

Whatever happens in my life is my responsibility. I own all the consequences, results, outcomes, successes and failures.

[Taking 100% responsibility is what separates the happy people from the unhappy people. The same wind blows on us all. But it’s the freedom to choose our set of the sail and doing it make us happy, not how things go in our life.]

Principle No. 4

I will give my life up for the people I love in my life.

[I know that we need to be loving to every one around, this principle is for my inner-circle who are my family and my friends. I have very few in this list and I can sacrifice my life for them.]

Principle No. 5

I will concentrate only on the present moment and only focus upon one thing in hand, right now.

[It’s a great practice. I have been practicing it for quite a long time. But it’s not always easy as our mind wanders and we seem to lose our mindfulness quite often. So this is one of the philosophies I want to live by.]

Principle No. 6

I will not drink alcohol except in special occasions.

[Special occasions don’t include small celebration party, office party, friend’s birthday, any odd party or meeting. Special occasions mean I would have a drink with a special person which is not a compulsion, rather my choice. My limit is once in every 3 months. I think it’s a good time frame and a healthy restriction.]

Principle No. 7 

When I will do any work, take up any project, my absolute self would be dedicated to the process of becoming, not only the result at the end.

[Results are important. But ends are not the most important ground for successful projects. To me means are more important than the ends, because they make us we would like to become at the end of the whole process.]

Principle No. 8

I will never let anyone exploit me or my goodness.

[This is the tough one. But as I have seen, in our society ‘goodness’ is treated as ‘weakness’ which is not at all true. The people who take advantage of goodness should know who they are dealing with. It’s not sending hate to hate, but we have all the right to protect ourselves.]

Principle No. 9

I will have no regret in life. Whatever is humanly possible to do, I will do it by any means.

[This may sound audacious but I have seen the little things we have most regrets for. So, I don’t miss them. By any means I try to fulfill them, like giving a present, wishing someone well, praising someone instantly, being a support system for someone etc.]

Principle No. 10

I will pursue writing, singing & creating art till the last breath of my life.

[I won’t give up my passion for writing, singing and anything that is related to art at no point in my life and I will keep on doing them till the end of my life.]

These are my ten principles which would be updated in near future as I will learn and grow.

Do you have any personal rules that you live by? Please share in comments!


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