Being happy with sadness

Today as I was listening to the interview between Marie Forleo and Tony Robbins, one question was popping into my head – What’s my purpose? Tony has been helping millions of people and living a life of grandeur.

In fact most people would get motivated and get pumped up to do more, be more and have more. But I was not happy. Something didn’t seem right. That running after more and more didn’t ring true in my heart. I was anxious and I was questioning my life’s worth and purpose.

I was in toilet, so I came out and strolled around for a bit. But still it was disturbing me. I went out for a walk. A long walk. I went haywire and constantly asked myself why I was here, what was my worth. But nothing came out. I bought my food and headed home.

After eating my lunch, I turned to my lappy and wanted to see some sort of movie to make me tick. I didn’t know why I was doing this. I just wanted to turn away from what was bothering me and just sought to find out some relief.

I searched through my hard disk and chose one movie called ‘Yellow Handkerchief’; the movie seemed right. It was about a man who was imprisoned for 6 years in jail and his love for a woman who was the only thing he loved in his entire life. The movie entailed his journey back home and to his love. Amazing story. I was in tears.

And suddenly something clicked.

I got what I was searching for the whole day.

It is not a millionaire I want to become. I don’t want to own few major companies in the world. I don’t think I have something lofty which can offer a million of people something to live up to. I have nothing of that sort.

Only thing, which I call my purpose now is my ability to be happy with my sadness. I am a happy person. But I really get sad sometimes. Really, really get drowned in despair, in depression, in pain, in suffering. And everything seems meaningless at that time. No motivational guru, no song, no book, no, nothing can bring me peace.

At that time, I just want to be okay. Okay with life’s tragedies, okay with pain coming over and hugging me in its loving embrace. I want to smile, I want to welcome my sadness as much as I welcome any opportunity to be joyous.

And that’s my purpose.

Not to ignore my sadness, but to embrace it completely.

May be if I am successful, few more people I will be able to support with my words, deeds, life. And eventually they will have an impact on few more. And then on and on.

And I will feel that my life makes a difference, not like giant like Tony Robbins, but like an ordinary man, with his ordinary life.


One thought on “Being happy with sadness

  1. I remember a woman in a support group years ago who told me she welcomed her sadness and depression when it came. That has always helped me to deal with it when I experience it. Great post.

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