Writing, not for the sake of it

Writing breathes.

If you don’t know it, read stuffs from people who have become immortals through their writings.

Because when they wrote they injected life into those seemingly meaningless words and those words started to inhale and exhale magic.

And that’s why just for the sake of creating is disrespecting those people who have taken their whole life to create walking-talking writing.

I call myself a writer.

Because when I write, I become one, not because I can magically create life into words, but I always try to create that magic (most of the time I fail)!

As I’ve kept on writing for few days, I’ve come to realize that somehow I am taking a short-cut to my craft, meaning I am not being able to give my full to what it deserves.

And it has been happening due to my attempt to write one blog post every day.

Thus, I stepped back and pondered. Few days went by and I’ve realized that today I am ready to write.

Those writers who created magic and injected life into words were writers who had writing urge. Means like being hungry, being thirsty, they used to feel they need to do writing. During those needy time, they sat down and wrote, wrote and wrote. And guess what? Something magnificent appeared out of nowhere.

Don’t get me wrong. It is not procrastination. It is whenever you have something to share, share. Whenever you don’t have anything to say, just keep mum and don’t just write because you have promised yourself that you would type up words or share something for the sake of it.

To be brutally honest with myself, I want to give up my everyday writing stance. I love to write. But everyday I don’t have something to say, yes, not daily. I made some posts up which you may understand from the inherent meaning of its emptiness.

But I feel bad when I do that. I feel I am betraying myself, my readers and my craft. I can’t be dishonest with myself, with you, with what makes me feel alive.

Thus, I decided to write only twice a week. I have planned to write on Sunday and Thursday. In between days I will work on these two posts so that they can breathe life into you and I can feel honest again with my craft.

However, I will start back with notes which I have not posted for a long time regularly. Whatever I will find striking or powerful, I will do a copy paste with my usual introduction so that you can read and enjoy and share with others.

Hopefully, you will understand the pain of being dishonest with art and empathize with my effort to produce work that matters.

To writing, to you and to again finding the ground for meaningfulness, cheers!



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