Reaching for your highest potential!

This isn’t a post about excellence rather this is about inner transformation.

To me if anyone wants to reach his/her highest potential all s/he needs to realize that how s/he can extend his/her feeling from himself/herself to everyone around to even every living creatures and taking action to reduce the pain, the torment.

Feeling means deep compassion, empathy and trying to realize the pain, suffering, agony of another soul as your own.

This one thing if you can achieve over a lifetime of effort, it is your highest potential, it is you, finding the universal soul among everyone, reaching the tao of life everywhere.

Yesterday while I was coming back from office, I saw a dog squeezing over, shivering in cold. It was very cold outside and heavy rain had made it worse.

I realized the pain of the dog as my own. I couldn’t do anything other than praying for its well being, but I realized that to reach my highest potential, I need to feel for everyone and extend loving kindness to everyone around.

Then only I will be able to reach my highest potential.

What do you think?


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