The art of possibility

What keeps us going?

Everyday when the harsh, cruel world put their burden on our soft shoulders and expect us to be sane and to remain as calm as we can be!

Everyday when tired with our jobs, getting trampled by the fears of future, by the apprehensions that whether everything would be okay or not, we lose our composure and poise!

What keeps us going?

What helps us keep burning amid the moments of sorrow and despair and makes us try one more time, again and again?

What keeps on going inside our head even after we fall down hundred times to get up and try it one next time?

It is my dear friends, the hope of possibility that something would come out of our unrelenting fight, from our unshakable faith in our abilities and an unconquerable thirst to make our life count.

And that is our life’s work.

To never say never even after all the chances seem dim, all the opportunities seem shut out and all our abilities seem negligible as compared to what’s required now to put forward our feet and declare our existence in this prodigious world.

I think I won’t die until I do.

So even if something or someone so important to me goes away or creates havoc, what’s left with me is myself, my inner light and my unrelenting passion to live life intensely.

It is easy to give up everything in the hands of fate and weep the rest of our life while we kneel down and complain about how horrible life is.

Difficult is to muster the courage to get up and take one foot forward for making things better.

I write to make you take that one step.

I am no superman. I am no master.

But I know how it feels to get stuck with a feeling that nothing can be better anymore, nothing can be worthwhile.

I have been there and have seen the agony, the pain, the torments.

But only one thing makes me tick always.

Yes, I have learned the art of possibility.

Whenever I am bottlenecked with something, any emotion, feeling, life events or moments of torment or pain, I remember the word – possibility.

I ask myself – how can I do something now after all has been done and gone?

My only objective is to take that one little step which helps me get out of that horrible-ness and put my life on track.

And if you ask me – what is your life’s work?

It is to help you take that little step, one single time and every time, no matter what.

And I call it art because it is something which puts everything into perspective irrespective of its intensity or volume.

Art is making things happen in your own way as if it is everybody’s thing, as if everyone gets connected when you do that. It is your genius. And it is your magnificence.

And it is mine too.

Yes the art of possibility!

Update – In my effort to put forward the essays in an organized manner, I have decided to put together my best essays in the blog plus few unpublished essays and make it a book called – the art of possibility. A week from now I have planned to publish it. Hope it will help you to discover your magnificence and express it every waking hour of your life.



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