On love

Often I keep on saying –

Love is my only need and only capacity

Without love there is nothing. No trace of life. Think back about your birth. It’s because of love. Walk yourself through your childhood. Only love has brought you this far. Think about your own life today. Love is the only constant that never flickers.

Now the question is – Why then when two people love each other, there are rifts, problems, issues?

When we say – I love you, notice there is existence of ‘I’ and ‘you’ both and when these two become more important and receive major emphasis, ‘love’ remains left out.

In every relationship, thus if we value ‘love’ more than the ‘I’ and ‘you’, everything comes back to normal and much more.

And here I love you my dear friends and I will make sure that my only emphasis will be on love which is my only need and only capacity!


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