Qualifications don’t matter!

what qualifications

There will be people and institutions who will ask you questions about what’s your qualification for doing something before you plunge in!

Whenever you are faced with such a question, be upright and tell them – My qualification is my willingness to do it and I know that I can do everything that I put my mind onto!

Their jaws may drop or they may ask you some irrelevant questions or pose some serious threats.

But never bother!

In reality the people and institutions who are asking these questions don’t have one either. They are there as gatekeepers trying to prevent you from doing whatever you are capable of doing.


They are scared if you do such a thing you cannot be treated in the same way they are used to treat you.

So, next time you wanna do something, get on and do it.

No qualifications whatsoever are required!

P.S. – The above post is tested on the ground of personal experience and guess what it works!


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