Real change takes time!

People say that it’s not easy to change!

By that what they mean is that it’s not easy to stick to it for a long time till it becomes the second nature.

If we go deep we will find it’s not even the duration of time that bothers us, it’s deeper. We want things to crystallize now, at this moment, gratifying our imagination immediately.

And thus we give up, we think change is hard and we don’t have the capability to be the change.

Here’s a how to guide to alter your belief if you struggle through making real changes in your life –

1. Have a long term view. Always give yourself enough time to change. If you think it would take a month to change a small habit, allow yourself two months.

2. Start so small that it doesn’t seem like effort. Just meditate for 2 minutes a day for two months. Guess what, meditation will be your second nature.

3. Talk to yourself if you feel you need to get it now. Seeking instant gratification kills us. Thus it’s important to talk to ourselves that real change takes time and it’s not the waving of magic wand that creates change. It takes time, effort and patience.

4. Don’t begin immediately. Set up your environment beforehand so that it supports you to stick to the change. For example, if you would like to write everyday, keep your laptop near to your bed. Get up and start writing. Also schedule a date when you are going to start.

5. Don’t feel dejected if you miss one day. You missed it and that’s alright! It’s over now. Start again next day. And stick to it.

6. Find a trigger. It’s what you do before or after the habit that matters. For me, I do my daily habits just after freshening up in the morning. I do my chores and enjoy them.

7. Do it happily. Don’t just do it for the sake of doing. That way you are not even enjoying what matters most to you. Have a smile in your face and find joy in performing the task.

Hope the above list will help.

Change is not hard, but sometimes our approach to it is!


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