Often I do certain things that don’t make sense to others.

I get up early and give myself an hour of self rumination.

I meditate.

I write.

I exercise.

I value myself more than anything in this world.

I do only those things that give me happiness or someway I feel I am contributing to the bigger purpose of the Universe.

My way of being doesn’t make sense to people, quite often.

Earlier it used to bother me. I used to think what’s wrong in me?

Now I look squarely into their eyes, smile and keep doing what I have been doing without being bothered about whether it makes sense or not to others.

Two reasons are important here.

One. It is my life and I have the right and freedom to choose actions that give me happiness and joy.

Two. I won’t do anything that doesn’t align with my inner core. Even it seems rude to some, strange to others or weird to few, I don’t mind.

If you are questioned for being who you are or what you do, go back to your inner core and enquire. If it matches, forget the questions and live your life in the way you are already living.


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