Love may not, intentions will

It’s all about reaching out!

In our heart, we love so deeply, so intently, but for whom we feel so very dearly, like our spouse, parents, siblings, sons, daughters, boyfriend, girlfriend, they don’t understand!

Still in our heart, when we think of them, we want to give up ourselves, our own dreams, our everything just to carve out a beautiful smile in their face.

I am not talking about self-sacrifice here, rather I am talking about being ready to do anything for that person or those people in your heart!

Today, I can assure you one thing.

I cannot assure you about whether or not your love will reach that person or those people, but I know your intentions will.

Results we cannot always control; that doesn’t mean our love has no/less worth. Your love matters and your intentions matter.

No matter how hard it is to convince someone that you love him/her/them, just give it out anyway.

Because one day they will realize.

May not be your love, but definitely your intention to give up yourself for the highest good of that person or those people!


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