Two beautiful habits!

Habits help us grow. They show us that it is possible to live a life which we would like to live without taking huge, giant actions and at the same time enjoy the benefits and a sense of change and transformation over time.

Today, I want you to look at two beautiful habits which have been making my life amazing. They are simple, mini and just a trick of mind if you please.

1. Appreciate where you already are and who you are right now.

This is a biggie. Because if you can remind yourself that it’s okay to be who you are and where you are whenever your mind jumps in to tell you something different, half the battle is own.

2. Seek to understand, not judge.

It’s easy to judge people, but difficult to understand them. If you look at a person whom you judge on a regular basis and go straight through his/her heart and pay heed, you will listen that s/he is also suffering to be who s/he is in the world where only thing the world wants us to do is to conform.

So, try compassion. Try empathy. Judging is never a great act. Rather understand even when you don’t find any logical connotation to it.

I picked these two habits from Leo Babauta and these have been changing my perspective about myself and the life I am living.

Try these. These are life changing!



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