Simple tactic to increase your mental strength!

I am a simple human being!

And I always find out something that is simplistic to work on.

Today, I am going to share with you a simple tactic which is simple, but let me remind you, it is not easy. But if you practice it for more than few times, you will see a dramatic change in your mental strength!

How do I know?

I have experienced it myself and thus I know it works provided if you work on it!

Without much ado, here’s the tactic in one line –

Do immediately that you know you should do, but not feeling like doing it!

Now, I know most of you will frown and say that I know that, but honestly tell me how many times you have implemented it?

If you are like me, you may have struggled quite often with this thing because you don’t always seem to go beyond your mind’s so called manufactured mood-swings!

But just start.

And start super small!

Today in the afternoon, I didn’t feel like making a presentation which was needed to be done and sent to one of my peers. It was not urgent but I knew I should do that at that time.

I felt someone speaking to me in my mind – “You can do it afterward, it’s not that urgent! Stop and do something else!”

I listened and smiled and decided to finish off the presentation immediately.

And wow!

The voice disappeared!

I can give you so many examples like that from my own life. But point is do you realize that it is you who create things or put it off?

Just give this tactic a try.

I promise it will change your life!


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