An easy way to implement what you read

I am a reading freak! I read mostly non-fiction! Anything and everything I get my hands on. From informative emails to beautiful blog posts to amazing articles to big-small books on anything!

And for that I often feel an edge over others. Certainly this isn’t a feeling of boasting, but it is a sense of achievement for me to be able to read so much every day.

Reading is okay! What I normally struggle with is how to implement what I learn on daily basis. The volume is huge. And I soak up so much of information per day that it seems overwhelming that what to implement and what to let go.

After lot of soul-searching and trial and error, I have found a way to implement and apply in my life what I learn on daily basis!

This is simple.

Once I finish up reading the article or blog post or the book, I ask myself one question –

What one thing I can apply within 90 seconds from all that I have learned right now?

And bingo!

I always find something super-mini to apply from all my reading. It’s easier and it makes my life far more better. It also helps me to let go of my guilt of reading so much but not applying anything!

Try this strategy if you are a reading freak like me. Or even if you don’t read so much, you can still apply this simple technique which will multiply the transfer of application from theory to practice!


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