You are not a dog!

Today I’ve had a great experience!

I saw a dog sneaking through the garbage for food, while, I was having my morning tea in a shop.

The dog got one piece of biscuit and was looking here and there for more food as that tiny piece didn’t meet its hunger!

I looked at the dog and reflected!

How privileged we are as humans to be able to provide ourselves with food, shelter and water which are basic needs of every living creature and much more!

But we squander the honor, the blessing.

Instead, we whine, moan and groan and tell our brothers and sisters how terrible our life is.

Wake up, dear human! (Including myself)

Stop looking for opportunities to complain and start feeling grateful for you, being capable to do, be and have your whims to provide yourself with basic necessities, to live for a greater purpose and to make your life count.

If you don’t like what you are currently experiencing in your life, you can change it!

You are not a dog!


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