Live for yourself first!

It’s okay to support your family and care for your near and dear ones, but truth is if you lose yourself in them too much, you will ultimately lose yourself in the seduction of doing everything for your dear people.

No way, I am saying that you should ignore them or their needs; all I am saying that you should never put anyone above yourself. Yes, no-one!

The President of your country, the top leader in your field, the top athlete, great musician, prolific author and most importantly your family. Yes, no-one is as important as you are to yourself!

Remember you exist, that’s why in your mind your family exists.

So never compromise on yourself/your own needs because you care about how your family members or how they feel about it.

I know from my own experience that it’s very difficult thing to do if you don’t have enough practice. But just start. Start with one tiniest area where you can give yourself priority over anyone. And gradually increase your claim of putting yourself first.

To conclude, I would quote Ayn Rand who has put it so succintly than I ever could –

I don’t exist for any man and no man exists for me!


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