3 keys to happiness

On the other day, I was browsing through net and I found jewel. I discovered philosophies which were different and sounded amazing.

Among all these, what I would like to talk about here is about 3 keys to happiness which was offered by famous philosopher Epicurus.

Amazingly these 3 keys have nothing to do with a lot more money, luxury and other status symbols which seem to be the ingredients of a good life.

He said that there are only 3 things which can give you a life full of happiness.

Here are they –

1. Friends

2. Self-sufficiency (You can earn less but point is you should be free of dictatorship and whatever you earn it should be enough to meet your basic needs and few luxuries)

3. An analyzed life (He explained life without contemplation or rumination is a complete waste and if you don’t ponder every now and then, then your life will be on an autopilot and at the end you would feel you have never lived)

I have been practicing these 3 keys and I have been feeling more happier and more content. Try these keys and let me know what do you think?!


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