Defenseless, that’s why doesn’t matter!

I often call myself a cruel killer. Killer of hopes, dreams and lives!


I talk about loving a human so deeply but when it comes to a defenseless, cute animal, I forget about love and go to shop for meat-shopping!

If someone talks me out of it, I have beautiful justifications like – I can’t live on leaves and grasses or I am more important than the animal I am killing and eating or else (this one is classic) they are born to be into our belly!

Hey, am I human?!

I doubt!

Being a loving being means we love all our sentient beings irrespective of forms or power or strengths!

I have been questioning all of us not because I have received some ‘guru’ title, but truly out of understanding their pain, agony, suffering and scream.

Don’t justify your actions of eating them up, rather empathize.

I am not asking you to change everything overnight, but, please look into their eyes once before you eat them. Realize the value of their lives.

Who are we to execute them and call ourselves superior?

Question still remains unanswered!


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