An un-examined life is not worthy of living!

It is easy to live an un-examined life. It is comfortable to suppress all the heart burning questions like –

“Who am I?”
“Why am I following the herd?”
“Why am I a non-vegetarian?”
“Why I shop so much?”
“Why I watch porn?”
“Why I live a life based on others’ rules?”
“Why I care less about myself and more about my family’s opinion?”
“Why don’t I pursue my dreams?”
“Why I like people who agree with me and dislike those who disagree?”
“Does God exist?”
“Why people talk about equality, not equity?”
“Why I live my life as if I am here to appease everyone?”

These are few questions I’ve posed. Add some more. And ask yourself – Why?

Your life is a waste if you live it without inquiry, examination and curiosity!


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