Deciding for yourself!

How many times you experienced that people think their decisions are final and you would adhere to those decisions without questioning at all?

I do experience this all the time!

As if it is a social norm to accept whatever others are saying without questioning the virtue of it in our own life.

Very recently one of my friends wanted to tell me a story and assumed that I would accept to hear it. She said – I think you should know this?! My answer made her jaws dropped – Do you think I care to listen to it? And eventually she stopped!

This experience taught me a valuable lesson that I don’t need to sign up for everything people told me or expect from me. I can only put value on my own judgment and own decision and nothing else.

This may seem tough in the beginning as this is the social norm, but repititive trails will help you master this skill.

Try it. You would never get disappoined that you did!



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