Less show, more soul

What if you just live your life in the arena? The arena which brings down majority of people down on their knees with a scary feeling that their naked self is just in front of everyone, gasping for next breath? What if you put your heart out to life as if every moment is a celebration of being alive? Not for the outcome, not for the product or result of what you are doing, but just for the intensity of this very moment which makes you cry?!

What if you give up your fear behind to experience something you know you may fail at and do it anyway for the sake of your own self, for not letting the regret creep over, or simply for just entering into a daring adventure?

Then what?

Then you will realize that life, this beautiful life, every ordinary moments of it are real, raw and vulnerable. It is something you can’t show off as your kimono because it is about what is under the kimono, the bare skin, the naked soul and the truth, your truth.

Not lot many people can understand the meaning of living intensely or simply they don’t want to understand! Because that scares the shit out of them. But realize there is no other way to experience life other than immersing it in your bare bones so that every moment, every creation, every event, every conversation and every decision bring the chill down through your skin! You just gasp for next moment to come and dive in with full out without having any regret!

Question is – Is it easy to live life like this, wholeheartedly? My answer – Not easy, but for sure worth a million.



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