How to map your life?

Whenever we measure our life it is either through a number of achievements or a quantifiable predictor.

Marks, sales calls, closed deals, number of books written, bank balance.

Just numbers, numbers and numbers!

But is our life just a symbol of quantifiable glories? Are we the slave of maps of numbers?

When we sit in meditation and suddenly realize where time has gone by; when we pause, look at a beautiful, magnificent flower and smile; when we just retire from our daily grind and breathe deeply; when we touch someone deeply by words; when we lend our shoulders for our friends to cry on; when we help someone in dire need to overcome from their state; when we don’t count anymore what we did for others and what they did for us; then, we live our life in truly meaningful way.

Living a life through the map of numbers is a crummy life. It is a life of rushing toward what is not here, now. It is meant to be something we are not already. It is something we fantasize about.

But fantasy is not life. It is a demon which makes you believe that if you do this and that you would be more happy, life would be better and you would escape from all the suffering from the world.

Truth is if you are attached to any tangibles in life, you are bound to suffer. Let go of all the quantifiable measures to map your life. And you are free from slavery, attachment, competition and trying to prove yourself to be something.



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