Everything is OK

You may not be most happy as you read this post.

I assume that it was not a good day for you!

May be you have had a fight with your boss or else you got the result of your class test which was not up to your expectation or may be your girl friend/boy friend didn’t treat you the way you wanted to be treated.

Many thing happen to all of us during one single day, every day.

But we need to look into them and realize that they are like daily errands you need to perform without delaying their performance time. They are too small in the perspective of your whole life that they even don’t count in the decimal. They are so petty that you can just walk by them and smile at their overpowering nature.

You may murmur – But they are not as simple or easy as you say.

I know.

But if you just take one day at a time and try to view them in the perspective of your whole life, it’s just too tiny.

Everything is OK.

Even after all these arguments, mess ups, mistakes, fights, disappointment, despair.

The world will not collapse. The universe will not fall down upon you. You don’t need to worry about anything. No matter whether these things happen or not, everything will be alright, you will be safe. Just relax and let everything take their course. Let yourself be lived by life without interfering in it 


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