Roots are the causes of the fruits

Most of us concentrate on the fruits in order to solve the problems of our daily lives. We deal with the result so much that we forget that the print out is actually taken from the input fed into a system.

Solutions cannot be found just by scratching the surface of the undesired result. You have to make a leap to look into it.

It’s simple. If the fruits you are getting are not what you desire, change the roots, and the fruits will automatically change.

If you are unhappy with the way your life is going on, concentrate on your daily habits. They are building or breaking your muscles, either in positive way or in destructive way. Complaining about things that don’t work will not do any good to you. Stop whining. Get to the cause. And solution will be found.

Find out an area which you are happy with in your life. Suppose, relationship. If I ask you why you feel that you are happy with your relationship, you may not be able to answer the question immediately, but if you ponder, you will have the toast on your plate.

You are the reason. You have fed good inputs in your relationship daily – through appreciation, time and daily improvements. And you didn’t know. You created a ‘wow’ in your relationship.

On that light, see the other areas of your life. And course correct. De-focus from outputs for a minute and minutely observe what you have put in, the inputs and change from there.

It all begins and ends from a little, insignificant seed. Nurture it well.


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