The power of thinking small

I cannot emphasize on the fact that how important it is for us to realize the value of small things repeated day in and day out to have a significant difference in our life.

A small act, like reading 2 pages a day in the morning from an inspirational book, day in and day out can create a huge difference in someone’s attitude and the way s/he looks at life.

All achievements in my whole life are based upon this simple formula – think small. 

A minuscule approach to life is always handy for me. From beginning my exercise practice to meditation, from writing an article to writing 14+ books, from preparing for MBA entrance to remember 70+ names in a go, all that I see, I can only see a tiny detail-oriented approach, not a big forest.

It is not always seeing ‘forest for tress’ but it is seeing the next small thing to be taken care of.

I am not focusing on my achievements to brag about my superiority. It is not my superiority. It is the superiority of the approach over all others and how it can help you achieve from nothing to significant something if you really take this power of small into account.

Any change you want to bring about, do not get grumpy about it. Just recognize a small portion of it. Improve upon it. And repeat. This is seriously the first steps for your monumental growth.


2 thoughts on “The power of thinking small

  1. Totally agree Sayatan! The small things we do are the ones that make the difference in the long run because they all add up over time.
    Great wisdom to be found in this.

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