Hey, you are not a rat!

This morning I had an amazing conversation with my self.  I was unhappy about my MBA studies. As I was not following through the studies in accordance with the college course-ware, there was a feeling of not being living up to my expectation.

Looking me unhappy for few days, my self stepped in and gave me few advice which I would like to share with you in hope that they will help you too in your endeavors.

It started –

Dear Sayantan,

I am looking at you for few days now. You don’t look as happy as you used to. I really don’t see why you are unhappy with your life.

If you would like to improve yourself all part of your life, when would you stop and smell the rose?

Just know – There is a time for being ahead,  there is a time for being behind. There is a time for being vigorous,  there is a time for being exhausted. There is a time for being in motion, there is a time for being at rest.

Chill out and have fun in whatever you are doing. Never brood over little things and don’t worry about improvements all the time.

If you join a race, you are still a rat no matter what is your purpose of running a race. Step back and realize that you are not a rat. And you don’t need to run any race to prove your worthiness to the world.

Live your life in your own pace. Learn, sing, write, help and be happy.

I am always with you, to guide you, show you, prevent you and push you. Trust me, I am what you are meant to be.

Then with a smile, it stopped.

I just smiled 🙂


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