Happiness through prayer

As often we understand, we are not always happy. Most of the times we are tending toward, sometimes we are really blissful.

But I do something completely out of the box when I am not happy about something or specially myself.

I look out. Look for people who are in distress. And silently under my breath, pray a genuine prayer for them. Immediately after that I begin to feel good about myself. Reason, I know my prayer would be heard and the person in distress will be rescued.

I learned that there are three kinds of prayer.

One, a rather selfish one which we do for ourselves. This prayer is not always fulfilled because it has a self residing within it always. Though, I am not saying that it’s bad, but it’s not most noble.

Second, a prayer for our near and dear ones. This includes a bit of us as well in it.

The third, most noble is the prayer we do for a complete stranger whom we have never seen before or will never see again. This prayer is always heard. Because we or our selfish wants are not included in it. This prayer is done with complete chastity for the person in distress. No selfish expectation. No fluffs.

And thus, we feel happy.

Today, as I was having my morning tea outside, I saw a man having only a bun-bread in his hand and the way he was eating it, it seemed like his whole existence was dependent on that bun.

I immediately prayed, for that man.

I hope that my prayer is heard and the man is now having good food with his family.

Try this simple gesture of love and kindness.

You will never regret it and moreover, you will feel truly happy within 🙂


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