Being self reliant

What is being self reliant?

Is it just boasting off your head in the sky and looking down upon the world? Or is it something only few influential people can do who have the list of possessions to hoard?

Yes. I am talking about being self-reliant (look, I have not used the word ‘becoming’)

Self reliance is the most under-rated phrase of this world now-a-days. Because the world distorts the meaning of ‘self’ and instead relies on something that they have, own, can show off!

Possessions, stuffs, money, ownership of status and few societal symbols don’t make one self reliant.

Rather it is a silent river flowing always within you, without the need to show off to others what you truly are.

People are scared of what’s inside. They know that they are powerful beyond measures. They can solve all their problems. They can be happy without someone validating them to deserve it. They can achieve most of the things they put their mind onto. They can create miracles if they so choose.

But they are simply scared to trust their own inner convictions and thoughts, because those thoughts are their own.

Instead they love to go out and blame the world for their misfortune, complain about things that are not working, get grumpy with girlfriend/boyfriend for being unhappy all the time and mostly curse God for their horrible life.

I know these things because I did all of these that I explained.

But now I know better. I am not at all perfect still. But I am much better at it now-a-days. I just smile inside when my ego takes over and tries to complain, blames the world for my terrible life. I sit quietly, go for a long walk and listen to my thoughts. And then all comes down to silence. No one talks, no one listens. I get merged with my inner light.

And I can hear the sound of the flowing river inside, giggling and flowing naturally.


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