What you are scared of?

What you are scared of?

Being nothing, getting exhausted under the fire or losing out your ground?

What if I say you are already that what you are scared of?! Just don’t realize about it?

We all are playing hide & seek game all the time. Remember in our childhood we used to play hide & seek and we used to giggle, scream from top of our lungs and enjoy each and every moment of it?!

So why not now?

Currently you are enjoying the full expression of yourself and someday will come when you need to hide behind because the roles will change. Someone else will then express themselves fully. And you will wait to be expressed again, according to the season of change.

Don’t get scared of this. This is all a game, a drama. Don’t get scared of what you already are. Just embrace it with open arms and relax. Life is good 🙂


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