An open letter to myself on the eve of this Valentine’s Day

Look, here you are.

Torn, distorted, broken and shattered. I love you.

I know you are not perfect, and every day I need to get through the mistakes you make. Seriously. It’s tough. But I love all of it. All your falling down, getting back up and again falling and getting back up again.

You may not be like Harry, Dick or Tom in the other town who are celebrated for their ‘coolness’ or ‘hotness’, but you are fantastic in your own quietness.

People call you names, they will always do, because they see what’s visible. The internal bleeding, inner troubles, all the storms you go through they can’t decipher. So forget all that. Don’t label yourself as ‘bad’ as they do. You are as good as they think bad about you.

Hey, now go. Go to the mirror and say out loud to the person who peeps through the reflection – You complete me.

You don’t need anyone else other than you to love you, pamper you, be with you and move you forward.

You are you. Celebrate yourself. Because the most important truth is – Love starts from who you are and remains as you accept who you are and be okay with it.

I love you, accept you and am okay with whatever you are.

And hey, I forgot to say – Happy Valentine’s Day ❤


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