Bits and pieces from my new novella ‘I am not hers, she is mine’

Here are few quotations from my new novella ‘I am not hers, she is mine’ for you my dear readers –

“Every drop from her eyes are like hitting stones. Drops are touching the ground & stones are breaking my heart.”

“She keeps coming back. In a glimpse of moments, in every broken word, in every odd movie where the name sounds exactly like her, she keeps coming back. And reluctantly while trying hard to forget her, I keep coming back. To her.”

“She told me not to care as if care is something which can be decided upon. I can’t decide not to care, not for her. Because care simply is destined to happen to someone by someone like me without asking for anything in return. Still she told me not to care. Care is something she fears the most as if I do too much, she too will fall in love with me.”

“I thought that losing and finding are different things. The moment I saw you I forgot the difference. I was lost and found at the same time. In you!!”

“Love can never make you feel sad. If it feels sad, it’s not love. It’s trying to be lovable in your own way.”

“Escaping is such a difficult act. From your memories, from your innocent eyes, from your forgetting and never looking back, from all that you do, not to be with me! But I am always with you. I don’t know the trick you know – the art of escape.”

Let me know whether these quotes resonate with you.


Sayantan 🙂


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