Handling uncertainty

Most of us have the belief that uncertainty is a bad thing. It’s something to go away from. Most of us will not accept it upfront but in our heart we all know that uncertainty is scary and at that time of uncertainty we don’t have a clue what to do.

I will offer you a simple word and then show you an easy way to deal with uncertainty of your life.

Here’s the word: Embrace.

Whenever you are facing uncertainty, observe your urge to run away. But don’t move. Feel the discomfort. Look deep into it. And then immerse in the situation as if it is your never-seen childhood friend.

Imagining it is easy I know. But actually doing it is the hardest part. To do it we need to practice it.

The best way I know to do it is to create a little uncertainty in your life everyday. Little uncertainty means a little discomfort each and every day.

Let’s say you are not feeling like sitting for meditation for 5 minutes. I know it happens. First observe your urge to get up once, twice, thrice. But don’t get up until the urge reaches the fourth time. Once you are observing the urge and making yourself sit for three consecutive times through discomfort you are increasing your comfort zone.

Take something easy everyday and go a little further than you usually go for.

Then you will be better prepared for the uncertainty of your life and when uncertainty will knock your door you will be able to say – “I am ready.”


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