Silent revolt

I never promote violence nor I am interested in. But there is a unique satisfaction to do something when most of the people say that it is almost impossible to do. It may sound like ‘tit for tat’ but still if we do it quietly no-one will get to know what we are up to.

In your life there are people who told you that you couldn’t do something because they thought you didn’t have that caliber. Have you ever not thought of doing that thing so beautifully that only thing they could do next was to maintain silence?

I did. And I keep on doing it. Because I love challenges and I am more grateful to those people who thought or told that a list of things couldn’t be done by me.

I invite you to make your agenda in such a way that you go out and challenge those limitations which they have thrown upon you and you have accepted them as your destiny.

From my life experiences I am telling you it is not true.

In 10th standard I was told that I couldn’t pass the final exam in Physical Science because I got lowest in the class in my pre-test and that was just 24 out of 100. I accepted the challenge and got 87 out of 100 in my final exam.

I was told that I can never speak English fluently. I accepted the challenge and now I am teaching my juniors how to communicate effectively.

I was told that it is impossible to remember 70 names in half an hour. I accepted the challenge and remembered all 70 names of my class mates in MBA under half an hour.

I was told that I couldn’t write and could never amount to be an author which I always wanted to become. I accepted the challenge and wrote 13 eBooks (published), 5 (unpublished), more than 1000 articles and more.

I was told that I couldn’t give speech on stage. I accepted the challenge and shared my personal story on stage and got standing ovation from 100+ people.

I was told that I couldn’t lose weight and would be chubby for my entire life. I accepted the challenge and have lost 10 kilos in 3 months.

These are not a propaganda list. If it sounded like one I apologize. This is a list which reminds me that if I would have believed people I couldn’t amount to anything that I wanted to become.

People will always think and say and believe. That’s their view point, not yours. You have only one way to screw yourself up and that is to believe that all the nasty things people said about you are true.

Look, I am an ordinary person, live very ordinary life. But in this ordinariness my life is extra-ordinary because I live each day and keep on moving toward my next summit.

I always try to balance between my goals and living in each moment. And the balance is each day try to live to the fullest, accept challenges that are thrown upon you and grow steadily.

Because we all know growth is the only evidence in life.

People and those nasty things they said will soon be the matter of past.

Wish you Merry Christmas and a very happy new year 🙂 God bless you always 🙂


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