A small trick to being happy immediately

I may sound like a quirky kinda philosopher if you look at the title, but before interpreting anything, just lend me your ears.

It may change your life.

It does for me every time I use this trick to make myself happy.

I know happiness is not something you can own or acquire, but it’s just a process of aligning yourself with what you feel at this moment. And sometimes, how much we try, we cannot get rid of the unhappy thoughts or cannot deal with it.

That’s why I have a proposition.

Our motto is channeling the mind into different things and at the same time, creating better result.

Let me articulate it now.

Whenever you are in that ‘unhappy-mode’, just do one thing. Help someone in a small way at that moment without any thought. Like, if you are crossing by your neighbor’s house and the lawn is not clean, take the broom and clean the space without telling anyone. Immediately you will feel happy and fulfilled and at the same time, create a positive impact for your neighbor.

It can be anything, any little, kind gesture that would add value to someone in order to make you feel good about yourself.

What do you think isn’t it a good proposition?!



2 thoughts on “A small trick to being happy immediately

  1. Great proposition. Some people feel that they need others to do something for them to be happy, but I too, feel that whenever I’m in a funk, doing something unexpected or nice for others can lift up my spirits. Lovely post.

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